Our Environment

Our physical environment is designed to allow children maximum independence, which in turn promotes high self-esteem and desirable behaviour. Our Positive Behaviour Policy is crucial to this process. All our policies are available for parents to view:

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At Cygnets we have a large rectangular open plan room which can be partitioned if required. The building is on one level with accessible toilets. The layout of the room is designed to cater for a wide range of activities and needs including:

  • A curtained restful area
  • A book corner
  • Computer area
  • Creative Area including painting, play dough, sand and water
  • Imaginative Play area

We aim to reflect our indoor area outside. Cygnets have their own play area and garden to which they have continuous access. They also use the Primary school field and playground when they need a larger space for riding their bikes, parachute play, flying kites etc. We have regular sessions of PE in the School hall.